Teacher Wishlist

Did you know the average U.S. teacher spends more than $350 of her own money/year for school supplies?  Read the article here. 

404321726_1dd8836d14_m.jpg.thumb100Here are some items that the teachers at Peabody could use for their classrooms. If there is a star by an item, that means it was requested by more than one teacher.

• Pencils, tape, index cards, paper, highlighters, Ink for printer, dry erase markers and erasers, 3-4 Flash Drives
• old t-shirts for paint smocks, glue sticks, crayons, markers, erasers, sketch books for each student, drawing boards
• Printer for classroom,
• Ink for printers**
• electric pencil sharpener,
• small laminator for classroom
• Most any type of office supplies that a business discards
• Blank CD’s or DVD’s,
• Items for International Festival such as food and/or paper good products
• For students: School supplies, backpacks, clothing, belts, Jackets in winter, shoes,
• Extra copy machine paper
• Boxes of crayons for needy students to take home
• Miscellaneous school supplies so teachers don’t purchase out of pocket
• Color copy paper for newsletters, field trips, memory books; color-cardstock**
• mailing tape (clear) **
• Papermate Flairs (pens) **
• Paint
• Construction Paper

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