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The Peabody PTA will look a little different this year, as will everything for the Fall 2020 semester. But we are still here — supporting teachers, staff, students and parents.

That’s why we’re asking you to join the Peabody PTA! By joining, you’ll also receive emails from the PTA for the 2020/2021 school year, so that you can be as informed as possible and aware of any volunteer opportunities we may be able to have this year. But we can’t send you emails until you opt in.  Even if you signed up last year, you must opt-in again.

Relatives and teachers are encouraged to sign up.

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Beloved Music and Dance Teacher, Mr. Sanders – Retiring after 33 years ❤️

Jerry Sanders, Legendary Peabody Music Teacher

“Farewell to Peabody”

Little did I know when I accepted the Orff Music/Dance position at Peabody Elementary School that I would be retiring from that very same position thirty-three years later! I was planning to teach a year or so and move on to continue my performing career. I soon realized that I was able to “be on stage” every day of the school year with a captive and receptive audience of wonderful children. The children are the reason that I stayed–they were my inspiration and will always remain so.

Gratitude fills my heart when I think back to the amazing young people that I have had the privilege of working with over the years. My goal was never to produce a plethora of professional singers and dancers–although a good many of my students have gone into the Performing Arts as a career. I wanted simply to give every child the gift of loving Music and Dance as much as I do. I hope that I have been successful.

Thank you, Peabody Elementary School. It has been a great ride!

Jerry Sanders

Additional limited SCS hotspots available

Shelby County Schools has purchased a set number of hotspots for those in need of wifi connection. Initially parents had to meet several criteria to receive one. I

If your family did not meet the criteria but would like to request one, SCS is not indicating that  if additional hotspots become available, you may receive one. Here is the SCS to request one:

Whether parents who do not qualify under the initial criteria receive a hotspot will be dependent on multiple factors and additional funding.

For those parents who cannot pick up devices on their assigned dates, Shelby County Schools has announced that parents can come AFTER their assigned date to their location. What we are not encouraging is that parents come before their assigned date and time.

Peabody Back to School Message from Principal Nelson

Hello Peabody Family:

Well, we only have two more weeks before we see our students’ smiling faces. We are so excited to see them.  We are going to have an Awesome school year!!!

I am attaching some very important information about Parent Trainings for Microsoft Teams that SCS is providing. This training will help parents better support their child on Microsoft Teams for learning this school year.

I have also attached a REVISED Parent Covid Communication Flyer that includes:

  • Virtual Open House Dates/Times
  • Resource Pick-up In-person Dates/Times (Please bring your child and come on your designated day/time to meet your child’s teacher. If you do not come at your designated date/time, you may not be able to meet your child’s teacher)
  • Resource Pick-up Day has been POSTPONED. Due to the Covid epidemic,  a large portion of the supplies and materials have not arrived at many SCS schools. We will announce a new Resource Pick-up schedule when the materials arrive. 
  • Dress Code Expectations
  • Sample Schedule
  • Lunch
  • Attendance

There is so much more information outlined in the attached Parent Covid Communication Flyer. Please read its entirety.

Continue to check SCS District website to pick-up students’ computer devices.  Please remember that you DO NOT pick up these devices from Peabody Elementary School.  The District will list a location/time/date on their website for pick-up.

We want to ensure the safety of everyone. Therefore, please come at your designated time for Resource Pick-up Day to avoid overcrowding. Please wear a mask and follow the guidelines for social distancing. Enter through the main door in front of the school. There will be a check in table in the foyer and we will direct you to your classrooms from the check out table.

The only make-up time for parents to pick up resources is Tuesday, August 25th form 5:00 P.M.-6:30 P.M. Again your child may not be able to meet their teacher if this is not your designated day.

School starts August 31st.  Students will have a full day of synchronous/asynchronous learning from 8:15-3:00 daily.  Students are expected to start signing into class virtually from 8:00 A.M.-8:10 A.M. to check their equipment/sound. In order to receive a participation grade each day, students are expected to stay on the entire time from    8:15 A.M.-3:00 P.M.; except for Breaks, Lunch, and Recess. All lessons will be LIVE; including Support classes.

There will be Office Hours for parents and/or students to schedule appointments to talk with the teacher from 3:00 P.M.-3:30 P.M. Monday-Thursday.

We are excited to serve our families this school year and look forward to an AMAZING year! Remember, we are Eagles and Peabody Strong!

Mrs. Nelson

Proud Principal of Peabody Elementary!!!

Peabody Elementary School-Plan-Covid Communication


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Screenshot 2020-07-23 22.49.41Staying informed about what’s going on at your child’s school is going to be more important than it’s ever been in Fall 2020. We’ll make sure to share updates from Peabody Elementary and your PTA right to your email.

Even if you’ve signed up for Peabody PTA emails last school year, you’ll need to sign up again. All Peabody parents must opt-in to receive emails.

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