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Throughout the pandemic, the Peabody PTA has been supporting the students, teachers and staff of Peabody Elementary. You can be part of Team Peabody in two ways:

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We need your talent, energy and brains to rebuild our PTA. Let us know you’re interested by emailing us at or fill out this form.

The Peabody Uniform Exchange!

An exchange for Peabody families to give gently used uniforms to other Peabody families.

If your child is returning to in-person instruction, Peabody uniforms will be required. That’s why the Peabody PTA has launched the Peabody Exchange! This is a private Facebook Group for Peabody families and alumni can offer uniforms and other school related items to fellow Peabody families FOR FREE!

All current and former Peabody families, as well as Peabody staff can belong to the group and donate uniforms and other school related items (backpacks, lunchboxes, supplies). However, only current Peabody families attending in-person school this year can claim items. Please only offer items that fit the Peabody Uniform code. You can read it here.

Peabody teachers can also donate items or create ISO (In Search Of) Posts for items they may need for the classroom.

TO JOIN THE EXCHANGE: Join this new Friends of Peabody Facebook Group Page:

Once you join the Peabody Exchange, here’s how it works!

If you are giving away uniforms or other school related items:

  • Take a photo of the items you are giving away (please only give clean, gently used uniforms with no stains or rips)
  • Include the size(s) for what you are offering
  • All posts MUST BE FREE.
  • You can decide if you would like to give an entire batch of clothing to only one person (for example, “Must claim all”) or if you’d like to offer pieces, individually. If offering individually, you can post individual photos in one post and instruct people to claim under each photo. Make sure to be clear about sizes.
  • Let people know if they will be picking up on your porch (Porch Pick Up) or if you’ll deliver (Delivery) to them.
  • Let people know what part of town you live in. If your item is a porch pickup, your location may be too far for them. It’s better for people to know before claiming (for example, “Porch Pick Up in Midtown”)
  • You can decide how you will choose who will get the items from your post. You may give to the first person who claims the clothing in the comments, or you may decide at random. It can be a good idea to let people know in your post how you will decide (for example: “Will give to first person who claims in comments” or “Will decide at random who receives this and will message that person in Facebook Messenger”).
  • Once you choose who will receive the item(s) from your post, please remember to contact that person as soon as possible in Facebook messenger so that you can arrange the exchange.
  • When you decide who will get the item(s) offered — message the person and coordinate the exchange with them. It can either be Porch Pickup or Delivery
    • Porch Pickup: Give the person your address and let them know when the item will be ready to pickup from your porch. You can just leave the item in a bag on your porch. You don’t need to hand the item off to the person.
    • Delivery: In Facebook messages, get the address of the person who claimed the uniform. Arrange a time to drop it off. You don’t need to see each other in person – you can just drop the bag of clothing on their porch.
  • If someone claims your clothing but doesn’t pick it up in an acceptable amount of time, you can offer it again.
    • But do try to communicate with the person who did not pick up your clothing, so that they are clear that you will now be offering it again.
    • Give our fellow parents the best chance to get the item(s) before you offer it again. People forget — it happens!

If you are claiming uniforms:

  • Before you claim an item, read the post carefully to make sure the uniform is the right size for your child.
    • If the item is a “Porch Pickup,” make sure it is located in a part of town you can/are willing to get to in order to pickup the item in a timely manner.
  • If you are selected as the person who will get a donated uniform, and it is a Porch Pickup — try to get it as soon as possible (within 24 hours). Some people may not want to leave bags on their front porches for long periods of time.
    • If you are delayed in your pickup or you know you can’t pick up for a day or so, let the person know in Facebook Messenger.
  • Please claim only what you can use this school year, so that as many families as possible can get the items they need.

If you are in search of uniforms or other school related items:

  • If you don’t see what you need posted in this group, you can post an “In Search Of” or ISO post. For example, you would create a post that says: “ISO of girls size 6 uniform polos”
    • When you post an ISO, monitor comments on your post. If someone says they have size 6 uniforms in the comments, then message that person in Facebook Messenger to coordinate an exchange.
    • Peabody teachers are welcome to post ISO for their classroom.

You can also offer gently used backpacks, lunch boxes and school supplies — anything you think kids might need when returning to school. Just make sure they meet Peabody regulation.



Thanks for learning about the Peabody Exchange! If you are a current or former Peabody family, join here:

Right now, please only claim items if your child will be attending in-person school for the remainder of this school year.

Note: If your child will remain in virtual learning, school uniforms will not be required. So, if you have uniforms your child will outgrow by the end of the semester, please consider donating to this group!

Stylus Pens for K-2 Tablets!

The Peabody PTA is proud to have purchased stylus pens to make learning easier for K-2 students at Peabody! These pens will allow student to more easily draw on their pads.

Families — we heard your students needed these — and we want to be there to help!

If you can, support the Peabody PTA so that we can continue assisting our teachers, staff and students. This is the first year we won’t be able to hold our annual Cookie Dough Fundraiser. So, please donate. Help your PTA be there for our school, even when we can’t be there.

New Teacher/Staff Lounge

The Peabody PTA has been hard at work setting up a new Teacher/Staff Lounge for teachers and staff working inside the school. A classroom has been temporarily transformed into an inviting and comfortable space for teachers and staff to rest and rejuvenate while woking hard to teach our students during this time of virtual learning.

The PTA has provided comfortable chairs, small tables and decorated with plants, paintings and even a table top water feature to create an inviting environment. We’ve also added a mini-fridge and microwave to make their lives a little easier!

Many, many thanks to Peabody parent Melissa Wilbanks, who produced original art and made macrame plant holders! We are also grateful to parents Sydney Ashby and Lisa Moore for putting everything in place.

And big thanks to new Peabody President, Vivian Moody and the entire PTA board for approving funding and working together to find the right pieces for this new lounge!

Peabody teachers and staff — your PTA loves you! And many thanks to all families who have joined the PTA or donated funds.

If you’d like to support the work of the Peabody PTA, donate here!