volunteersPeabody Elementary is a school built on volunteerism.  It’s not just parents who give of their time — it’s the staff and faculty of Peabody, as well as the generous community members from our Cooper-Young neighborhood.  Sometimes, even our students lend a hand on volunteer projects!  In fact, our beautiful playground was built back in 2008 with the sweat and enthusiasm of 200 school and community volunteers.

Each year, parent and community volunteers hold a Spruce Up day to care for our blossoming grounds.  Volunteers and students nurture our school garden year-round!

Peabody Pride — it’s shared by students, staff, parents and community members.

If you’d like to volunteer — just email us at friendsofpeabody@gmail.com.

Even as little as a half hour of your time can make a big impact. We actually surveyed  faculty at Peabody Elementary to find out what family and community members could do to help our favorite little school.  Here’s the list!  Pick one a month – it will make you feel good, and it will make the kids and teachers feel even better!

Get familiar with Shelby County School’s volunteer process designed to keep all kids safe!

Work with Kids

 • Join the STARs Tutoring program

* Be a Watchdog!

• Be a room parent – help a teacher out

• Help a teacher stuff his/her Tuesday Folders

• Volunteers for Field Day and provide small prizes for giveaways

• Computer assistance

• Help supervise parties and trips

• Mentor

• Volunteer readers

• Volunteer for art projects

• Be a project partner for students who don’t have support at home.

• Be a consistent volunteer to help Kindergarten students with letter and number recognition

• One-on-one stress meditators

• Technological one-on-one assessment monitoring

• Classroom relief before TCAP to let teacher work with small groups

• Russian related speakers

• Seminars for CLUE classes

• Make copies for teachers

• Help with student records

• Help decorate a bulletin board

• Help Russian teachers prepare materials for student projects and preparing visual aids

• Technical help to create examples of students speaking Russian using the video recording in editing on the computer

* Help with hanging art in the hallway. Help with mounting artwork.

• Putting up displays.


• Local artists/restaurants that relate to our honored countries could hold demonstrations or donate items for the festival.

• Artists in the community to come speak to classes during specific projects that are similar to what they create.

• Class presentations in areas of expertise

• Volunteers who have traveled to speak about country

• Someone to sew or make costumes for the Orff Music Program

Donate $

• Sponsor a field trip

See Teacher Wishlist

Fund a Peabody Donor’s Choose Project – you can pay online!

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