Email/PTA Signup

email-clipart2You’re invited to join the Peabody PTA!

Simply joining and paying PTA dues helps our teachers, school, and students – no commitment expected!



You can pay your dues online!

PTA Solo Parent Family Dues


PTA Dual Parent Family Dues


If you don’t want to pay online, you can just put cash or a check made out to: PEABODY PTA and place in an envelope with your name, email and “PTA Dues” written on it. Then just slip into the PTA mailbox located on the front of the receptionist’s desk in the mail lobby.

2 thoughts on “Email/PTA Signup

  1. I would to know his home room teacher’s name so I can better able to serve her and Emmanuel this upcoming school year
    All the best,

    • Dear Ms. Coleman,

      We are so pleased that you want to be of assistance to your granddaughter’s teacher! Please call the school at 901-416-4606 to request information for his homeroom teacher’s name! Thank you for supporting Peabody!

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