uniformWe’ve boiled down the guidelines to their simplest form. Old Navy, Target, Walmart – your basic big box stores all carry school uniforms.


Tan, Black or Navy pants or shorts

White, light blue, Peabody blue, navy dress shirt with collar (Yes, that means polos, too).

Belts must be worn everyday


Tan, Black or Navy pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses

White, light blue, Peabody blue or navy blue blouse with collar (this includes polos).


Light jackets, sweat shirts, cardigans, sweaters, or vests may be worn; however, they must be solid white, black, light blue, Peabody blue or navy. Heavy coats may not be worn during the school day. No denim material may be worn. T-shirts worn underneath a shirt should be white.

Please note that appropriate school attire includes:
• Walking shorts & skirts, fingertip length
• Sneakers, loafers, shoes with a back strap
• Shirts should be tucked in with a belt

royal_blue_shirt.jpg.thumb100Peabody School color:  Peabody students can also wear their school color –Royal Blue!  So shirts and jackets can be worn in this color as part of the regular school uniform.

peabody_shirt.jpg.thumb100Save Some $ for Official Peabody Shirts: The PTA will be selling our super awesome Peabody logo shirts and hoodies. We’ll notify you when shirts go on sale, so watch your school folder and signup for our emails and follow us on Facebook!

6 thoughts on “Uniforms

  1. do we have to purchase at old navy, target or walmart? or is it ok to just follow the guidelines with any retailer?
    do all dresses need to have a collar?

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