New Teacher/Staff Lounge

The Peabody PTA has been hard at work setting up a new Teacher/Staff Lounge for teachers and staff working inside the school. A classroom has been temporarily transformed into an inviting and comfortable space for teachers and staff to rest and rejuvenate while woking hard to teach our students during this time of virtual learning.

The PTA has provided comfortable chairs, small tables and decorated with plants, paintings and even a table top water feature to create an inviting environment. We’ve also added a mini-fridge and microwave to make their lives a little easier!

Many, many thanks to Peabody parent Melissa Wilbanks, who produced original art and made macrame plant holders! We are also grateful to parents Sydney Ashby and Lisa Moore for putting everything in place.

And big thanks to new Peabody President, Vivian Moody and the entire PTA board for approving funding and working together to find the right pieces for this new lounge!

Peabody teachers and staff — your PTA loves you! And many thanks to all families who have joined the PTA or donated funds.

If you’d like to support the work of the Peabody PTA, donate here!

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