Beloved Music and Dance Teacher, Mr. Sanders – Retiring after 33 years ❤️

Jerry Sanders, Legendary Peabody Music Teacher

“Farewell to Peabody”

Little did I know when I accepted the Orff Music/Dance position at Peabody Elementary School that I would be retiring from that very same position thirty-three years later! I was planning to teach a year or so and move on to continue my performing career. I soon realized that I was able to “be on stage” every day of the school year with a captive and receptive audience of wonderful children. The children are the reason that I stayed–they were my inspiration and will always remain so.

Gratitude fills my heart when I think back to the amazing young people that I have had the privilege of working with over the years. My goal was never to produce a plethora of professional singers and dancers–although a good many of my students have gone into the Performing Arts as a career. I wanted simply to give every child the gift of loving Music and Dance as much as I do. I hope that I have been successful.

Thank you, Peabody Elementary School. It has been a great ride!

Jerry Sanders

6 thoughts on “Beloved Music and Dance Teacher, Mr. Sanders – Retiring after 33 years ❤️

  1. Oh,wow!! I remember like yesterday Mr.Sanders teaching us how to waltz. Smh…such wonderful fun filled memories at Peabody. I attended k-6…and Mr.Sanders was there every step of the way. Great man! Exceptional talent! Here’s to you Mr.Sanders…a Peabody Eagle for life! Enjoy your retirement. Lashonda Hampton

  2. Amazing, thanks for sharing this article of Jerry Sanders. I worked with him for seven years from 1989/ 1996 at Peabody. He was a lot like me, strict, disciplined, Knowledgeable, and always doing our very best job. I am so glad to see that he put 33 years in the system and was at the same school. He was a wonderful music teacher. Best wishes to you Jerry Sanders.

  3. 33 years!!!
    I started at Peabody in the second grade (1987). Mr. Sanders is one of the teachers I vividly remember to this day. I even remember a lot of the songs to this day. Learning how to play instruments like the xylophone and percussion are pretty much permanent memories for me. I’m 40 years old now and still find myself humming some of those songs I learned while at Peabody. Enjoy your retirement Mr. Sanders! I’m a high school math teacher now and I’ll be right behind you in 10 more years at the most.

  4. I was in one of Mr. Sanders’ first music classes!! He was wonderful and one of the best teachers that I’ve ever had. Fast forward about 25 years and my children had the pleasure of being taught/ trained by him as well🥰❤ I will always and forever remember and appreciate Mr.Sanders. Well done sir!!

  5. Mr. Sanders!!! Definitely on the list as one of my favorite teachers, EVER. I’m an educator now of young children, and every time I teach the unit on animals I sing …let’s go on a safari, don’t you hear the rumble rumble deep inside the jungle jungle, let’s go on a safari to see where the animals live…Enjoy your retirement Mr. Sanders.

  6. Mr. Sanders that’s for your service! My children loves you still. Michael has his Master’s in Music thanks too you. Tyishia and Jeffrey still love music as well. We need more great teachers like you. You will definitely be missed.

    Ruby Jones

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