Meet & Greet New Teachers and Staff!


Bring your kiddos to enjoy popsicles and get to know some new faces at Peabody! 

When: Tuesday, July 31st @ 5pm

Where: Peabody Playground

New Faces at Peabody

Anecia Washington- Interventionist

  • Ms. Washington has 15 years of teaching experience and has taught CLUE.

Nancy Miller- Librarian                                             

  • Mrs. Miller has taught at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School since 2007 and has served as their librarian for the past 5 years.

Tamara Turner- School Counselor                        

  • Mrs. Turner has served as school counselor with SCS for many years.

Amanda Yarberry- Kindergarten         

  • Ms. Yarberry has served as a Reading Coach and comes to Memphis from Gainesville, FL.

Rachel Johnson- First Grade                                   

  • Ms. Johnson has taught 1st grade with SCS.

Shelley Miller- Second Grade                                 

  • Ms. Miller has taught KK-8 for several years.

Connie Knighton- Third Grade Math                    

  • Mrs. Knighton is a native Memphian who has 10 years experience with SCS and an additional 3 years in The State of Virginia School Systems.

Shelby Fairley-  Fourth Grade Reading               

  • Mrs. Fairley is a native Memphian who has taught 2 years in Mississippi School Systems.

Nicholas Homa- 5th Grade Math                            

  • Mr. Homa has served as a recent Eureka Math Instructional Advisor and has taught 6th grade Math with SCS.






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