Back to School Parking Safety

We know that parking is at a premium around Peabody, but so is the safety of all of our students and parents.
A few reminders as we head back to school:
  • use the cross walk,
  • use the drop off lane,
  • do not park in the drop off lane or block neighbors’ driveways
  • please don’t drop your child off in the middle of the street
We want all of our little Eagles and their parents to have a safe experience at drop off and pick up and we want to be good neighbors. Safe and courteous parking is a great lesson to pass on to our Eagles!
Not sure where to park? One of our super Peabody parents, Michelle Stuart, made this wonderful parking map! Just click and download: Peabody ES Parking Map
And if you want to really help with parking safety — volunteer to be a Peabody Watchdog!  Just fill out this quick and easy interest form. You’ll make a HUGE difference in getting all of our Eagles in the door safely!

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