Sign Up to Receive Peabody Emails!

sign upOne of the services the Peabody Elementary PTA provides is reminders and school information via email.

This year, we want to make sure that only those who want these emails, receive them. So if you want in, sign up here! We promise to only send out information that is most relevant to being an involved, in-the-know Peabody family.

Looking forward to another great school year at Peabody Elementary!

Click here to sign up for Peabody PTA emails!

2 thoughts on “Sign Up to Receive Peabody Emails!

  1. If I’ve already signed up, do I have to sign up again?

    Choosing Life, Heather L. Trotter

    “All my favorite people are broken.” -Richard Fudge


    • That’s a great question. Yes, you do have to sign up each year. We need parents to opt in each year to receive the emails. I’ll make that clear in the form. Thanks for the great question!

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