It’s Peabody Election Day, Too!

We all know August 7th is Election Day in Shelby County … but did you know it’s also the kick-off for the Peabody PTA Elections?!

Screenshot 2014-08-07 11.56.05The nomination process for candidates closed Wednesday at midnight, so the ballot is now set.  Didn’t read up on your candidates?  No problem, because they are all running unopposed:)

Many thanks to all those who have volunteered to serve!

If board service is not for you, there are a host of other ways to be involved in the Peabody PTA. We’ve included some of those on the PTA Board Ballot below! So consider checking a box or two for volunteer opportunities you might find interesting — and someone from the PTA will follow up.

Also, please take time to vote. Even though everyone is unopposed, the votes certify the election process. Plus, it also makes our officers feel really good when more than just a handful of people affirm their volunteerism with a vote!

This poll closes on Thursday, August 14th. 

Click here to take part in the Peabody PTA Board Election!


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