Peabody Teachers Recognized for Excellence!

Screenshot 2013-11-05 23.19.57

Now, we all know Peabody Elementary has some of the best and brightest educators in Shelby County, but it’s always nice when our teachers get official recognition for their talent.

Here are some of our latest honors.  Please congratulate these fine professionals in person!

Lashunda Bell, 5th Grade Teacher, was chosen to participate in the Shelby County Schools Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers/Teaching Conference developed by Bill and Melinda Gates.  Ms. Bell will attend a celebratory banquet in Robinsonville, MS in her honor.  Ms. Bell was chosen because of her extraordinary teaching and passion for education.

Jerry Sanders, Orff Music Teacher, was chosen among an elite group of only five teachers for the entire Shelby County Schools as a “Top Teacher” for his outstanding TVAAS scores.  Mr. Sanders will receive a Gould’s Salon Day Spa and a billboard with his photo.

Mrs. Barringer, 3rd Grade Teacher, was selected by the Mathematics Department of Shelby County Schools to serve as a Model Teacher for Model Classrooms.  In this role, Mrs. Barringer will work to help improve mathematics instruction and student achievement.


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