Join Your Peabody Teachers for Starlit Reading!

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 9.23.26 PMYou already know Peabody has awesome, dedicated teachers, but did you know how truly inventive they are?

They want our kids to LOVE reading, so they’ve dreamed up a way to make it extra fun!  Just try to think of a more magical reading experience than sitting in a park …  listening to books … under the starlight!

Join Ms. Barringer and Ms. McMillen for a great night at Peabody Park (the corner of Cooper and Higbee.)  It will get your child excited about reading and points for AR!

Note:  This is a fun night for child AND parent. No drop-offs, please.  We promise  — you’ll want to share this night with your kiddo.

Nighttime Read Aloud Schedule 2013 (1)

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