Be a Peabody Room Parent!

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 9.10.48 AMYour teacher and child will love you for it!

There is no better way to form a great connection with your child’s teacher and the other parents in the classroom than being a room parent.

Here are a few things a room parent can do:

  • You or another parent have an idea that involves a collective effort by the parents in the classroom. You send an email to the parents to coordinate.
  • It’s your teacher’s birthday! Email the other parents in your classroom to get great ideas and the ball rolling on a gift!
  • Kids love a holiday party – help the parents in your classroom come together to make it awesome!

Don’t worry – you’ve got a super-amazing PTA support team to help you out.  They’ll help you understand what to do and when!

Email PTA Staff Support VPs Debbie and Asuka at Just give your name and teacher’s name, and you’ll get help to start!

Or just fill out this form!


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