Peabody Students Stage Back-to-School Skit

Students demonstrating use of the, “No Bullying,” box.

Students demonstrating use of the “No Bullying” box

By Deirdre Jones / Peabody Elementary International Studies Coordinator

Peabody Elementary’s first school-wide assembly resembled a small theater production more than it did your average school assembly. Academic and behavior expectations were explained and reinforced through role playing. The students used skits to demonstrate the required behavior expectations for the cafeteria, hallway, and restroom.

Then, they “walked the runway” to a snazzy hip hop beat showing off the appropriate selections and colors for the school uniform.

The second and final half of the program focused on bullying. Students used drama to show the “bully circle,” how to help a friend who is being bullied, and the “No Bullying” box, which we will be housed in the cafetorium. Anonymous tips about bullying can be placed in the box for further investigation.

Principal Melanie Nelson and Counselor Christopher Jones acted as creative directors. In addition to developing the skits, they also engaged the audience members by having them state what they noticed after each presentation. The assembly was an excellent example of Ben Franklin’s popular quote, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

Because Peabody Elementary’s students are involved and actively engaged in the learning process, they are off to a great start!

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