Peabody Parents and Faculty Share Ideas for the New School Year

photo (90)It was a night of brainstorming, sticky notes and community as parents and faculty from Peabody Elementary joined for “Vision Night.” A group of approximately 25 parents and faculty shared food and drinks, while dreaming about and planning for initiatives that will give students even better learning and personal growth experiences.

photo (91)This is the third parent retreat the Peabody PTA has held.  This summer session serves as the foundation for parents and faculty to determine which goals they can work toward… together.

  • The first retreat in 2011 resulted in the redecorating of the library.
  • In 2012, the retreat allowed the PTA to focus on fundraising for new sun shades over the Peabody playground.

Some of the ideas this year include generating a larger volunteer base, more extra-curricular activities for students and raising money for teacher grants… so those that know best can determine how to improve the student experience in the classroom.

Joining the PTA is the best way to get to know your fellow parents and school faculty.  We will have a booth at registration – please pick up your PTA form there and sign up!

It’s the best way to make a difference for your own Peabody Eagle… and all of her classmates. Peabody Pride.

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