Peabody/Cooper-Young Blood Drive THIS MONDAY!! Sign up today.


Our teachers, students and volunteers were so disappointed when last month’s event was cancelled the day of the drive. The American Red Cross of Memphis upgraded its computer system a few days before the drive; the change created technical problems that shut down operations for the blood drive. 

We’ve got it rescheduled!!  

The blood drive is this Monday, February 25th from noon-6pm.  

Our teachers initially thought of the drive after hearing about blood shortages following Hurrican Sandy.  The natural disaster forced the cancellation of hundreds of blood drives… cutting into the nation’s blood supply.  Since then, communities across the country have set up drives to replenish the supply.  

It’s a reminder that our nation is always in need of blood both before and after emergencies.  

That’s why Peabody Elementary faculty and staff are calling on our school and our neighborhood to give the gift of blood this new year.  

Here is the link to sign up!  Just sign up for the Peabody drive.

Many thanks to Peabody’s Ms. McMillen and Ms. Eoff for coordinating this effort… twice!



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