Peabody Book Drive and Reading Initiatives


Becoming a great reader is one of the most important jobs kids have in elementary school. Our teachers do a great job of helping them with that, but nothing beats the encouragement of a supportive parent! With that in mind . . . a few reading-related announcements!

  • On Thursday night at the Winter Program, we will be recognizing the Accelerated Reader leaders in each grade. The top point-getters in K-5 will receive a $25 Target gift card, provided by the Peabody PTA! We’ll also be announcing our January prize drawing for all students who have at least five points — it’s a FAN-tastic one (hint, hint)! Click here for more info on how you can help your student with AR over the holidays.
  • We have several openings for volunteers in the STAR tutoring program that targets students in 2nd & 3rd grade who are struggling with reading. If you’d like to learn more, please click here.
  • Winter break is a great time to read with your child or encourage them to do some fun (non-homework!) reading on their own. (They can even read while they’re watching TV!) But while many of our kids have plenty of books at home to choose from, others do not. If you have some books on your shelves that you would like to donate to a Peabody student who could use them, please put them in the box by the school office by THIS Wednesday (12/12). We’ll ask our teachers to send them home in the backpacks of kids who could use them on Thursday and Friday.

Happy reading and happy holidays to all!


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