Peabody Spotlight: 3rd grade teacher Anna Hardin


Name: Anna Hardin


Position: 3rd grade teacher


Years at Peabody: 2nd year


Years teaching: 3rd year


College or Grad School: University of Memphis


Family: I don’t have any children, but I am a proud aunt.


What are your hobbies? If I have spare time, I like to cook and make Pinterest crafts!


What is your favorite elementary school memory? My favorite memory of elementary school is going to the fall festival and winning a cake on the cake walk!


What is your hope for your Peabody students? I hope they are able to move to the fourth grade as independent readers and multiplication masterminds.  I also hope that they learn the skills needed to accomplish their dreams in life.


What is your favorite Memphis outing? My favorite thing to do in Memphis is listen to good music and eat amazing food.


Do you need anything for your classroom? I am in need of scissors, multi-color copy paper, construction paper (all colors), and volunteers to help with fry word testing. šŸ™‚


What is one thing a parent can do to partner with you in educating their child?  Constant communication with me and reviewing skills at home with their child will help tremendously.


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