Show this Peabody Eagle We Care. Fund Drive for 3rd Grader Injured in Hit-and-Run


This past weekend, Peabody third-grader Asjuana Clayton was injured in a hit-and-run accident. According to reports on WMC-TV, she was clipped by the rearview mirror of a passing car.  The driver took off and left Asjuana with a severely broken leg and all of her teeth knocked out. 

See this story that ran on WMC-TV. 

Asjuana’s spunky attitude in the WMC-TV story, even after this terrible accident, has landed her story on TV stations across the country.  

We are so proud of this strong little girl… and she’s going to have to be stronger.  The accident will require major surgery on her mouth.  

We are asking all Peabody kids to bring $1 to school. If you can bring more, please do.  

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