Grandparent Luncheon at Peabody Elementary!


It’s a special day when grandparents visit Peabody Elementary! 

Your child can have lunch with her grandparent – just fill out this form and send back with your child’s school folder or bring to main office.

It’s just $3.50 a plate, but you have to reserve now so there will be enough food for everyone. You can pre-pay or pay the day of the meal.  

Grandparents can attend lunch according to the first letter of your child’s last name:

Tue., Sept. 11th        Child Last Name A-G

Wed., Sept. 12th       Child Last Name H-N

Thu., Sept. 13th        Child Last Name O-Z

Please check the schedule on the form below to see what time your child’s class attends lunch. 

Remember, you must fill out and return this form to reserve a lunch for your child’s day.  


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