Let’s Spice Up Our Chili Cook-Off with Some Advocacy to Make Peabody Even Better!


The CYCA/Peabody Chili Cook-Off is less than a week away — have you signed up yet?

You’ll definitely want to attend Sat. Feb. 11th 12:00 – 1:30. Special guests will be there!

Mayor AC Wharton
Congressman Steve Cohen 

Shelby County School Board Commissioner Tomeka Hart


But we don’t want to just fill their bellies — we want to fill their ears with ideas from some of their youngest constituents! Peabody PTA is applying for a grant to get a shade structure over the school’s playground. One of the requirements for the grant is to show that we have written to our policymakers advocating for play, and this is a GREAT opportunity to do just that — we’ll be able to hand-deliver our letters on Saturday!
So, here’s what we need – letters from you and your kids on the following topics:


To Mayor Wharton – The Peabody school yard serves as a detention basin for flood waters, but when our asphalt was taken up for this project, no irrigation system was put in place, leaving our new grass to die in the summer heat. Please ask him to help us fix this problem so that our kids have a safer place to play.

To Commissioner Hart Ask her to support adequate time for physical activity during the school day. We want to make sure that P.E. and recess are part of the plans for the new unifed school district.

To Congressman Cohen Ask him to keep Memphis’ children in mind when he has the opportunity to vote on bills affecting kids’ health and wellness.

Pick just one, or write to them all — there’s no time like the present to teach our kids that their voices matter! Their letters can be simple, but will have a big impact on our legislators, as will your own.
There will be an envelope on the Friends of Peabody bulletin board near the front office. Put your letter in this envelope by Friday (2/10). Thank you!

Questions or want to email your letter? Contact gingerspickler@gmail.com.


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