PTA August Update

It may feel like the school year has just begun, but Peabody’s PTA is already rolling.  Here’s an update from our fearless leaders – Mandy Grisham and Tiffany Richmond

1.  We have a PARLIAMENTARIAN!!  Joann Massey is one busy lady running around working for the governor, but she has a lot of experience with parliamentary procedures from previous PTA involvement and has offered to be present at our meetings to guide us in our decision making.  Thank you so much, Joann!!

2.  We have a BYLAWS officer!!  Leslie Zapol is a kindergarten mom with a degree in English who said she’d be happy to rewrite the bylaws with the team when it comes time!!

3.  We ordered the TRIPLE SHOOT-OUT!!  It will be delivered next month!

5.  We are ready to MAKEOVER THE LIBRARY!!!  We have met with Mr. Malone and came up with a plan.  We will be ordering a large rug with many bean bags for a reading nook.  We will also schedule a work day to create “milk crate benches” to seat underneath all of the windows and create little window seats for reading.  And we’re thrilled to have secured a muralist who will work at a significant discount creating three murals above the bookshelves.  Also, Ms. Vondran will be working with After-Care kids to create artwork to display on the top shelf of all of the bookcases.  They will be recreating or redesigning the bookcovers of their favorite books!

6.  We are ready for ACCELERATED READER!!!   Mr. Malone and Mandy visited Delano Elementary to learn more about the Accelerated Reader program.  He has a lot of experience with this program and is very supportive. We are ready to roll with it! 

7.  We have OFFICE SPACE!!!  Ms. Jones has found space for us in the art room!  Ms. Jenna Vondran has graciously moved around her supplies and given us three shelves in her storage closet as well as a two drawer file cabinet.  Mandy has purchased a box of white paper (5000 sheets) and 5 reams of florescent paper for us to use for flyers.  We have also been assigned a copy code and set up an account with the school to use the school copier!!

And here are some updates from the teams:

  • The Academic Innovation and Advocacy Team will be meeting on Saturday, September 10, at 1:00 p.m. for a brainstorming and planning session. We have already begun the recruitment process for volunteers for the new STAR tutoring program.
  • PACE is discussing new swag for school.  Working on getting pictures and short bios posted to the Friends of Peabody website of watchDOG members, as well as Peabody PTA board members.  
  • Room Parents should try to get teacher survey’s completed and we are still need six more room parents! Contact Tara Harris-Davis at if you can be a room parent.  
  • Membership has recorded 104 parent members and 5 teacher/ staff members!  Please remind all parents and teachers to join!  We want 100% participation! Email us at if you want to join.  
  • The Fabulous Fundraisers are finalizing the PTA fundraising calendar which includes all the PTA fundraisers and Spirit Nights.  The team is meeting and working on specifics for the Entertainment Book Sales Kick Off scheduled for Oct. 18 and the Silent Auction scheduled for Nov. 17.  T-shirts will also be sold during these 30 days.

  •  The WatchDOGS have done some great recruiting and have a weekly rotation in place!  Thanks Charlie Lands and Josh Spickler! Click here to learn more about WatchDOGS and how to join!

Keep up the great work!  Peabody children will greatly benefit from all of our efforts!

-Mandy and Tiffany

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