Kindergarten Ice Cream Social – Sweet Success

A gymnasium full of newly-minted Kindergarteners and their families received a cool reception to Peabody… the sugary, yummy kind, that is:) 


Peabody Elementary Adopters, Neighborhood Church, provided the ice cream and the entertainment – balloons, face painting, and music!  


This was the 2nd annual Kindergarten Ice Cream Social.  It was introduced last year to help ease kids and their families into a new school and new friends. Looks like it worked again! 


This year, the Ice Cream Social welcomed some of the students from the largest Kindergarten class Peabody has had in three years.  According to Principal Kongsouly Jones, 75 Kindergarteners enrolled in the school this year – that’s 15 more than last year.  In fact, so many students enrolled that Principal Jones is hiring a fourth Kindergarten teacher!  Looks like more and more people are finding out about our great school.  


Welcome to our 2011 Kindergarteners and their families!

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