Volunteer Approval Information

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 9.58.22 PMThe faculty and staff of Peabody Elementary take the safety of our children very seriously. So does Shelby County Schools. That’s why it’s imperative that all volunteers fill out the proper paperwork so that proper background checks can be run.  If you know you want to be  a regular volunteer — here’s how to get the paperwork done so you can be approved and ready to make all of us even more proud of Peabody!

Here is information straight from Principal Nelson:

Level I Volunteers:  Parents who are interested in chaperoning for In-town Field Trips.

  • Come to Peabody’s main office where the Secretary will check your name through an Offender’s Registry Site
  • Complete the Level One Small Field Trip Chaperone Form

Level II Volunteers:  Parents who may want to volunteer in the classroom

(Please make sure you have arranged a time with the teacher for volunteering where it will not interrupt instruction)

    1. Visit Peabody Elementary School. Sign-in office. Let our school secretary, Mrs. Wilkes, know that you are here to complete your volunteer registration.
    2. Select a computer in the library. Registration can only be accessed at a SCS site.
    3. Open Internet Explorer
    4. Type volunteerinfo.scsk12.org into the address bar.
    5. Click START to begin the process.
    6. Read the information about being a volunteer.
    7. Click CONTINUE
    8. Select Level 2 volunteer to assist with in-town field trips, classroom activities, tutoring etc.
    9. Select PEABODY as your location.
    10. Once you complete the application and sign it, print (2) copies.
    11. Make sure to click the YELLOW LOG OUT button.
    12. Bring (1) copy to the office and keep a copy for self.

Level III Volunteers:  Anyone who would like to tutor or chaperone an Out-of-town Field Trip.

  • Come to Peabody’s main office to complete the Fingerprint Identification Form

After the fingerprinting process is complete, volunteers will be able to start!

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