AR Coaches

Interested in helping Peabody students become better readers? Have a little time to offer now and then? Sounds like you’d make a perfect AR Coach!

What is AR? Accelerated Reader is an online reading improvement initiative funded by the Peabody PTA and supported by the Peabody faculty. Students read books, then take quizzes on them to assess comprehension, and earn points toward prizes and recognition! Lots more info about AR at Peabody is here.

tutoringAR Coach Role: Your main task will be to read with students who are beginning readers, and help them through the process of taking a quiz online. The teacher will pair you with the student(s) she needs you to work with that day.

Volunteer: Please see the list of teachers requesting AR Coaches and the time slots they need you below. Some of the windows of time are long, but please know you are not committing to staying for the entire block of time — this is just the window that the teacher could use your help. We would ask that you plan on staying for at least 30 minutes. You can volunteer as little or as much as you like. When you’re planning to volunteer, please check in with the teacher ahead of time, either in person or via email to let them know when you’re coming (preferably at least 24 hours in advance).

IMPORTANT: You MUST be a Level II or Level III approved volunteer before serving as an AR Coach. Info on the Volunteer Approval process is here.

Teachers requesting AR Coaches:
Coming Soon

Feedback: This is a bit of an experiment in mobilizing classroom volunteers at Peabody, so please feel free to email Mrs. Bell, Peabody’s PLC Coach, any comments or questions about how it’s going!

Interested in making a more regular commitment? Consider being a STAR Tutor.

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