Bring Positive Changes to Peabody Elementary!


Here are two great opportunities to make a big difference at Peabody Elementary and beyond…

One is by serving on the Positive Behavior Incentive System (PBIS) team. This team meets 4-6 times a year to look at school-wide incentives for positive behavior.  More details can be found in the form below.  

The second opportunity is by serving as the Peabody Representative on the Parent Assembly. This assembly meets once a month and is comprised of one parent representative from each school. More details can be found in the form below.  

Thank you for considering these opportunities!

-Peabody PTA, Parent and Community Engagement Team


Peabody PTA Leader Lunches at the White House!

We all know she’s got leadership skills, but in early December… PTA co-president Mandy Grisham had her eye on the Whitehouse!

Mandy was invited by the US Department of Education to attend a reception and private tour of the White House. Mandy is the 2011 Tennessee representative for Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress.  City Leadership sponsored her trip.


Mandy with fellow Mom Congress delegates and organizers

“My time with the other delegates was inspiring.  It’s amazing to hear what they are doing in their own states to support education.”

In January, Mandy will return to DC to meet with the Department of Education and other Mom Congress delegates to discuss ways the government can improve communication with parents regarding Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  

She will also meet with school nutrition experts, as well as Kaboom! to thank them for their support of Peabody!