Wanted: AR Coaches!

tutoringInterested in helping Peabody students become better readers? Have a little time to offer now and then? Sounds like you’d make a perfect AR Coach!

What is AR? Accelerated Reader is an online reading improvement initiative funded by the Peabody PTA and supported by the Peabody faculty. Students read books, then take quizzes on them to assess comprehension, and earn points toward prizes and recognition! Lots more info about AR at Peabody is here.

AR Coach Role: Your main task will be to read with students and help them through the process of taking a quiz online (instructions on how to pull up quizzes will be available in each classroom). The teacher will pair you with the student(s) she needs you to work with that day.

Sign Up: Please click on our Volunteer Spot page to view all of the open volunteer times. You can sign up for as many spots as you like, whenever your schedule allows. Some of the windows of time are long, but please know you are not committing to staying for the entire block of time — this is just the window that the teacher could use your help. We would ask that you plan on staying for at least 20-30 minutes.

IMPORTANT: You must be a Level II or Level III approved volunteer before serving as an AR Coach. If you were Level II or Level III approved last school year (2012-13), then are this year as well. If you’re not sure, please call or visit the school office and ask them to check the volunteer list for your name. Info on the Volunteer Approval process is here.

Feedback: This is a bit of an experiment in mobilizing classroom volunteers at Peabody, so please feel free to email any comments or questions about how it’s going!


Interested in making a more regular commitment? Consider being a STAR Tutor.

Peabody Elementary Accelerated Reader Winter Break Challenge! Chance to win Grizzlies tickets!

Accelerated Reader Winter Break Challenge!

Your child has heard about this already at school, but wanted to make sure that parents got the skinny, too. On the last day before winter break, Ms. Jones announced an exciting Accelerated Reader Winter Break Challenge for all students! Here’s the deal:

By Wednesday, Jan. 9th, any Peabody student who earns 5 more AR points than she had on on Dec. 14th will be entered to win two tickets to a Grizzlies game!

This contest will give one student a chance to see the January 16th Grizzlies game against the Sacramento Kings (starring former U of M star Tyreke Evans). These are lower-bowl tickets across from the Grizzlies bench in section 116 — great seats! And it doesn’t matter how few or how many points your child already has — any child who earns 5 points before Jan. 9 will be entered to win!
So, how can you help?

First, encourage your kids to use some of their holiday downtime to pick up a good book! Beginning readers will need to read at least 10 books that are worth 0.5 points each, but more advanced readers can read just one or two longer books to score the five points they need.

Check out the AR BookFinder website to find out how many points books are worth. (And remember that kids don’t have to read the books by themselves — books read to them by parents count the same as books read alone, so you can work toward those Grizzlies tickets together!)

Second, once school starts back, take a few minutes to review the books together and then make sure your child takes AR tests on the ones they’ve read between Jan. 2 and Jan. 9. They can’t take tests at home, but as soon as they get back to school, they can take them before, during or after school.

Finally, check out the Parent’s Guide to AR here for more info on how to support your reader, including tips for reluctant readers, reading lists and more!

Happy Reading!