Extended Day Program

The Extended Day Program provides a community service to parents and provides additional time for students to grow physically and mentally. The program operates under the inspection and approval process of the Tennessee State Department of Education using the standards and licensing procedures approved by the State Department of Human Services.

Hours: 6:45am – 7:45am Before Care

3:15pm – 6:00pm After Care

Cost: $40/week

Registration: $10/year

Drop-Ins: Parents can have students “drop-in” to Aftercare at any time. But there are a few rules: 1. Your child must be registered with the aftercare program; 2. You can only drop off 2/week; 3. Drop-In Fee is $15.

Payments: Payments are due every Monday by 6:00 P.M. or a 5:00 late fee per day will be added each date the payment is not made.   Payments are considered late on Tuesday.

Rules: There is a $1 fee for every minute you are late for pickup.

Only people listed on your registration form can pick up your child from aftercare. Only adults 18-years and older may pick up children from extended care.

Supervisor: School Administration

Contact: Main Office – 416-4606 ext. 6

Activities: Tutoring for reading and math, games, kids do homework, playground time, special event “fieldtrips” brought to school grounds.

Aftercare Manual: This will be available at registration

Registration Forms:  These will be available at registration

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