Site-Based Decision-Making Council

Voice-MegaphoneThe School-Based Decision-Making Council is a group of Peabody’s administrators, teachers, staff, parents and community members, who meet several times each school year to discuss issues of importance to our school and students. Topics covered include:

  • Academics
  • School programs
  • Social or learning climate
  • Title I budget

While members cannot guarantee that the SBDMC will be able to address every issue, they’ll do their best to route your concerns to the appropriate people who might be able to help, and follow up with you afterward. Anonymous comments cannot be accepted, but if your concern is of a sensitive nature, and you do not wish your name to be brought up in the SBDMC’s discussion, please indicate that in your message.

Your parent representative for the 2019-2020 school year is Danyelle Griffin-Melton. You can fill out this form with any questions or concerns you’d like the Council to address: 

Resources related to dealing with issues at school:

Navigating rocky relationships with teachers
Working with the teacher
Making the most of teacher meetings


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