Meet & Greet New Teachers and Staff!


Bring your kiddos to enjoy popsicles and get to know some new faces at Peabody! 

When: Tuesday, July 31st @ 5pm

Where: Peabody Playground

New Faces at Peabody

Anecia Washington- Interventionist

  • Ms. Washington has 15 years of teaching experience and has taught CLUE.

Nancy Miller- Librarian                                             

  • Mrs. Miller has taught at Immaculate Conception Cathedral School since 2007 and has served as their librarian for the past 5 years.

Tamara Turner- School Counselor                        

  • Mrs. Turner has served as school counselor with SCS for many years.

Amanda Yarberry- Kindergarten         

  • Ms. Yarberry has served as a Reading Coach and comes to Memphis from Gainesville, FL.

Rachel Johnson- First Grade                                   

  • Ms. Johnson has taught 1st grade with SCS.

Shelley Miller- Second Grade                                 

  • Ms. Miller has taught KK-8 for several years.

Connie Knighton- Third Grade Math                    

  • Mrs. Knighton is a native Memphian who has 10 years experience with SCS and an additional 3 years in The State of Virginia School Systems.

Shelby Fairley-  Fourth Grade Reading               

  • Mrs. Fairley is a native Memphian who has taught 2 years in Mississippi School Systems.

Nicholas Homa- 5th Grade Math                            

  • Mr. Homa has served as a recent Eureka Math Instructional Advisor and has taught 6th grade Math with SCS.






Back to School

back to school

Welcome to Peabody Elementary!  Whether you are a new or returning parent – all the back-to-school rules can be a little confusing.  We hope this makes it easier:

First. Friend us on Facebook! And join our PTA and signup for our weekly email list. You’ll receive updates all year round.

Calendar. Sign up here to subscribe to our constantly updated digital school calendar! Before school begins, only SCS dates are available and updated. But by the first week of August, Peabody’s calendar will be available and we’ll update those in the digital calendar.

Registration. Every child at Peabody must register every year.

Click here for Shelby County School’s Registration page.

The Uniform.  Peabody Elementary has a uniform code.  We’ve made it easy – click this link for uniform guidelines.

School Supplies.  When we were kids it was so much fun to pick out new pencils and notebooks, but as parents, we know we have to plan ahead if we don’t want it to cost a fortune! School supply lists are updated by the school in the summer.  Click here for the Supply List!

Summer Reading List. If you misplaced yours, Peabody Summer Reading List: Page One and Page Two  There is still time!

Drop off and Pick up.  Teachers are ready to receive students by 8:00 am.  The school bell rings at 8:15 am. You can bring your child to the room or drop him off in front of the school.  Staff members and our own Peabody Watchdogs are there to help get your child safely out of the car.  Don’t be late – or you’ll have to sign in at Principal Nelson’s office (really!)  The school day ends at 3:15 pm.  Your child will be waiting for you outside the school by 3:15 with his classmates and supervised carefully by his teacher.  It’s quite the logistical marvel.

Extended Care Program. Click here if you are interested in Before or After Care for your child.

Lunch.  Breakfast and lunch are free to all registered SCS students, regardless of income! Click here for the link to the school menu.


7:45 A.M.-8:00 A.M. Free breakfast in the Peabody cafeteria!

8:00 A.M. Students start to enter school through main entrance door

8:15 A.M. School begins!


3:05 P.M. Day Care/Bus Riders dismissed

3:10 P.M. After School Care dismissed

3:15 P.M. Car Riders/Walkers dismissed



Tend the Peabody Garden this Summer!

It’s that time of year again … to think about the care of our Peabody Community Garden this summer. Our little gardeners have done a good job taking care of it during the school year, but now we need a team effort to keep it going all summer long!

If you like eating sun-warmed tomatoes just off the vine and appreciate the flavors of fresh basil, peppers, cucumbers, and squash, then this job is for you! Sign up for one week (Saturday to Friday) — it’s a special project for you and your family. And, you don’t have to be a Peabody family to care for the garden — we welcome the community to pitch in (and munch on the fresh produce!)

Not a gardener, but want to learn? Don’t worry- we’ll have a brief orientation session for all volunteers to learn everything you need to know.

Location: Peabody school garden

Sign up: Just click this link to sign up!


The Great Peabody Potty Makeover!

potty event page

Let’s makeover those sad Peabody bathroom stalls!

Join in to paint the bathroom stalls with a clean coat of black paint on Saturday, May 12th from 9-2pm. This will give the Peabody Picasso Club the perfect clean canvas to paint fun and inspiring messages under the direction of art teacher extraordaire – Ms. Momany!

Since we are using black paint and want to avoid dripping on bathroom tile — this project is for adults only. But give us your Saturday and the Peabody PTA will get you a yummy lunch!

This is a project the kids will really notice and make the bathrooms a more pleasant place. If you have clean paint brushes or rollers, please bring them.

Sign up here!


TCAP Testing & Spirit Week

TCAP Testing Week is April 16-27 for grades 3-5th and April 23-27 for 2nd grade. It’s important that your Eagle is on time each day of testing and is not checked out early. Remember, TCAPs account for 15% of your child’s final grade! The school will need proctors for test week. Please see your Tuesday Informer for details on how to volunteer.

Peabody is holding TCAP Spirit Week April 9-13th to give the students a little fun before testing.

Peabody Spirit Week




Peabody Bike Train Friday, March 2nd

bike train

All Aboard!

The Peabody Bike Train is making local stops throughout Cooper-Young. Choose a stop that’s close to you. Arrive with your bicycle a few minutes early & wait for the “train” to roll into the station. Then join the “train” & ride with us to school. Parents are encouraged to ride with their children! And the community is also welcome!

Bike Train Schedule:
7:30 Cox and Evelyn
7:35 Cox and Young
7:40 Walker and Blythe
7:45 Walker and Rembert
7:53 Barksdale and Oliver
7:57 Tanglewood and Oliver
8:05 Arrive at Peabody Elementary!

This is a parent/community-organized event. SCS, Peabody Elementary and Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative are not liable for any portion of the ride, or for any bicycles parked at the school for the day. Parents are responsible for their own children’s safety and their bicycles. Please bring a lock!

Helmets are required for all participants!

This ride is less than 2 miles long and we take a very easy pace.