Wanted: AR Coaches!

tutoringInterested in helping Peabody students become better readers? Have a little time to offer now and then? Sounds like you’d make a perfect AR Coach!

What is AR? Accelerated Reader is an online reading improvement initiative funded by the Peabody PTA and supported by the Peabody faculty. Students read books, then take quizzes on them to assess comprehension, and earn points toward prizes and recognition! Lots more info about AR at Peabody is here.

AR Coach Role: Your main task will be to read with students and help them through the process of taking a quiz online (instructions on how to pull up quizzes will be available in each classroom). The teacher will pair you with the student(s) she needs you to work with that day.

Sign Up: Please click on our Volunteer Spot page to view all of the open volunteer times. You can sign up for as many spots as you like, whenever your schedule allows. Some of the windows of time are long, but please know you are not committing to staying for the entire block of time — this is just the window that the teacher could use your help. We would ask that you plan on staying for at least 20-30 minutes.

IMPORTANT: You must be a Level II or Level III approved volunteer before serving as an AR Coach. If you were Level II or Level III approved last school year (2012-13), then are this year as well. If you’re not sure, please call or visit the school office and ask them to check the volunteer list for your name. Info on the Volunteer Approval process is here.

Feedback: This is a bit of an experiment in mobilizing classroom volunteers at Peabody, so please feel free to email any comments or questions about how it’s going!


Interested in making a more regular commitment? Consider being a STAR Tutor.

Be a STAR at Peabody!


Have you always dreamed of being a star? Peabody’s STAR tutoring program will give you just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!

Super Tutors Achieving Results (STARs) work with Peabody’s younger students (mostly 2nd & 3rd graders) who are struggling readers to put them on a path to success. We’re looking for Peabody parents and other community members who are willing to commit at least an hour every other week through the end of April. This level of commitment will allow you to form a bond with the students you’re paired with and really make progress with them. (Not ready for this much commitment? Be an AR Coach!)

Tutoring times are available throughout the school day and until 5:00 p.m. for students in the aftercare program. Volunteers do not need any special teaching experience — you’ll mostly just be providing extra one-on-one reading practice with your student — but a brief training session will be provided to acclimate you to the tutoring experience.

STAR Tutoring in the News: Click here to read more about the program in the LampLighter, Cooper-Young’s community newspaper.


Returning STAR Tutors: Please register here.

New STAR Tutors: If you were NOT a STAR tutor during 2012-13, please follow these instructions to be approved as a Level III volunteer through Shelby County Schools and sign up as a STAR tutor:

1. Come to the Peabody office to obtain a Fingerprint ID Form during the school day (8 am – 3 pm). Fill it out and have Principal Melanie Nelson or Optional Coordinator Deirdre Jones sign it.

2. Call the SCS board (416-7600) for a fingerprinting appointment, and take your driver’s license (or other government-issued photo ID) and social security number to your appointment with you.

3. After being fingerprinted, please fill out the STAR Tutoring online registration form. You will be contacted when your name has cleared the approval process and your students have been assigned.

Thank you!

Have other questions? Email Ginger Spickler, volunteer STAR coordinator.

Help the Peabody Garden Grow!

Peabody 3rd Grader Maddox watering the Peabody garden

Peabody 3rd Grader Maddox watering the Peabody garden

Interested in learning more about the Peabody School Garden? Have ideas to share?

Come join us for an informal meeting on Thursday, September 12, at 4 p.m. in the Peabody library.

We’ll have the opportunity to hear from Lauren Bangasser, the farmer at Grahamwood Elementary, who will share her ideas for school gardens. Let’s imagine together what our garden can be!

For more information contact Peabody parent Emily Holmes here!


Be a Peabody Room Parent!

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 9.10.48 AMYour teacher and child will love you for it!

There is no better way to form a great connection with your child’s teacher and the other parents in the classroom than being a room parent.

Here are a few things a room parent can do:

  • You or another parent have an idea that involves a collective effort by the parents in the classroom. You send an email to the parents to coordinate.
  • It’s your teacher’s birthday! Email the other parents in your classroom to get great ideas and the ball rolling on a gift!
  • Kids love a holiday party – help the parents in your classroom come together to make it awesome!

Don’t worry – you’ve got a super-amazing PTA support team to help you out.  They’ll help you understand what to do and when!

Email PTA Staff Support VPs Debbie and Asuka at Peabodyclassparent@gmail.com. Just give your name and teacher’s name, and you’ll get help to start!

Or just fill out this form!


Peabody Parents and Faculty Share Ideas for the New School Year

photo (90)It was a night of brainstorming, sticky notes and community as parents and faculty from Peabody Elementary joined for “Vision Night.” A group of approximately 25 parents and faculty shared food and drinks, while dreaming about and planning for initiatives that will give students even better learning and personal growth experiences.

photo (91)This is the third parent retreat the Peabody PTA has held.  This summer session serves as the foundation for parents and faculty to determine which goals they can work toward… together.

  • The first retreat in 2011 resulted in the redecorating of the library.
  • In 2012, the retreat allowed the PTA to focus on fundraising for new sun shades over the Peabody playground.

Some of the ideas this year include generating a larger volunteer base, more extra-curricular activities for students and raising money for teacher grants… so those that know best can determine how to improve the student experience in the classroom.

Joining the PTA is the best way to get to know your fellow parents and school faculty.  We will have a booth at registration – please pick up your PTA form there and sign up!

It’s the best way to make a difference for your own Peabody Eagle… and all of her classmates. Peabody Pride.