Volunteer to Give Our Top Cookie Dough Sellers a Fun Ice Cream/Dance Party!

Screenshot 2015-01-05 00.03.39Our Peabody Eagles did an amazing job selling cookie dough this year — raising more than $6,000 to go straight to technology! Our best year ever! So, now, it’s time to reward the top fundraisers!

This Friday, January 9th, we’ll wrap up the first week back at school with a fun Dance Party/Ice Cream Party for the top sellers! And we’ve got A LOT of these eager little Eagles to serve Ice Cream to — 73 in all!

That means — we need parental help!

The more help, the less chaos and the more fun for everyone!

Signing up is easy — just click this link to volunteer





Peabody Teachers Recognized for Excellence!

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Now, we all know Peabody Elementary has some of the best and brightest educators in Shelby County, but it’s always nice when our teachers get official recognition for their talent.

Here are some of our latest honors.  Please congratulate these fine professionals in person!

Lashunda Bell, 5th Grade Teacher, was chosen to participate in the Shelby County Schools Elevating and Celebrating Effective Teachers/Teaching Conference developed by Bill and Melinda Gates.  Ms. Bell will attend a celebratory banquet in Robinsonville, MS in her honor.  Ms. Bell was chosen because of her extraordinary teaching and passion for education.

Jerry Sanders, Orff Music Teacher, was chosen among an elite group of only five teachers for the entire Shelby County Schools as a “Top Teacher” for his outstanding TVAAS scores.  Mr. Sanders will receive a Gould’s Salon Day Spa and a billboard with his photo.

Mrs. Barringer, 3rd Grade Teacher, was selected by the Mathematics Department of Shelby County Schools to serve as a Model Teacher for Model Classrooms.  In this role, Mrs. Barringer will work to help improve mathematics instruction and student achievement.


Peabody Elementary Brimming with ‘Irreplaceable’ Teachers

If you’ve spent much time at Peabody Elementary, then it will come as no surprise to you that seven of our teachers have snagged one of Memphis City School’s top prizes — they’ve been dubbed among Memphis’ top educators.

These teachers have received top scores for the district’s Teacher Effectiveness Measurement.  

They’re called “The Irreplaceables.” It’s part of TEI, the Teacher Efffective Initiative.  If you haven’t already, you’ll likely see these gorgeous photos of our teachers on billboards across the city. 


Deidre Jones has taught 3rd Grade at Peabody Elementary for the past 13 years. 

Read her official profile here.  Peabody Insider Information: She’s been at Peabody longer than Principal Jones, so she can tell you all kinds of stories about our principal’s rookie year:) 


Olivia Malland has taught Kindergarten at Peabody for the past 9 years.  

Read her official profile here. Peabody Insider Info:  Ms. Malland played basketball for Christian Brothers University.  Be warned — do not root against her Cincinnati Bengals or the Cincinnati Reds. At least within earshot.  


Courtney Magbee-Barringer has taught 4th grade Math at Peabody for the past 7 years.   

Read her official profile here.  Peabody Insider Info: She’s made a few appearances in RSVP magazine🙂 


Jacqueline Ragland has taught International Studies for 17 years at Peabody Elementary.  Ms. Ragland retired at the end of the 2012/2013 school year. We thank her for many years of service at Peabody!

Read her official profile here.  Peabody Insider Info: She’s been tapped to oversee the 2016 Presidential Debate, since she did such an amazing job coordinating students for Peabody Elementary’s first ‘Great Debate’ in 2012:) 


Jerry Sanders has taught Orff Music/Dance at Peabody Elementary for the past 26 years!

Read his official profile here. Peabody Insider Info: Mr. Sanders has collected one of the most impressive collections of African drums in the city (and he lets the kids use them!) He’s also played Ike Turner to Ms. Chapman’s Tina at the school talent show. 


Rebecca Teagarden has taught Kindergarten at Peabody Elementary for the past 15 years.  

Read her official profile here. Peabody Insider Info: Ms. Teagarden ran the Grizzlies House 5K December 2012!


Tammie Chapman taught Physical Education at Peabody Elementary for 7 years. She will be moving on to a new school this year and  will be missed. Read her official profile here.  

We are proud of all of our teachers at Peabody Elementary.  

We give huge kudos to these seven.  May these Irreplaceables stay with us, Indefinitely.  

Peabody Pride.  Big Pride.