Cookie Dough Donations

If you want to donate to the Cookie Dough Fundraiser, but did not sell cookies — you can still help! The Peabody PTA will always accept donations.
If you want your child to be included in the Reward Day held in January for the cookie dough sale, the following donations are equivalent to what sales will bring to the school:
$25    Dress Down Day
$50    Dress Down Day + Ice Cream Party
$85+  Dress Down Day + Ice Cream Party + Dance Party
Obviously, the Target gift certificates would not be given for financial donations, as that defeats the purpose of your financial donation 🙂
If you donate money ONLY, please write a check or put cash in a regular envelope. Make all checks payable to Peabody ES PTA. Include your child’s name and classroom and write Cookie Dough DONATION on the envelope.  This amount will not be counted toward classroom participation. But it sure will go toward making Peabody an even better school!

Sell Cookie Dough, Raise Money for Peabody!

Cookie Dough Header 2017.Date


SELL 2 BOXES: Dress down day!

SELL 5 BOXES: Dress down day & Ice Cream Party!

SELL 10 BOXES: Dress down day, Ice Cream Party & $10 Toys R Us Gift Certificate!

SELL 15 BOXES: Dress down day, Ice Cream Party, $10 Toys R Us Gift Card & a Dance Party!

SELL 25 BOXES: Superstar Award – Dress down day, Ice Cream Party, $10 Toys R Us Gift Card, Dance Party PLUS a $25 Toys R Us Gift Card!

TOP CLASS: Pizza Party!

TOP TEACHER: $25 VISA Gift Card!

Our goal is to raise $7,500 this year. Help reach this goal by selling 15 boxes! 

Please make all checks payable to: Peabody ES PTA


Delivery Date: December 19th

Sales packets went home with your children the week of November 6th. If you need another order form, please inquire at the front desk of the school 

Questions? Contact your PTA here! 




Peabody + Revolutions = Fall Bike to School Day

What a way to start the school day for these Peabody kids, parents and faculty! Intrepid Peabody mom and Director of Revolutions Bicycle CoOp, Sylvia Crum, mapped out a slow ride bike train that snaked two miles through the Cooper-Young neighborhood, picking up Eagles along the way to school, including Principal Melanie Nelson and Peabody PTA president, Jenni Pappas! Many thanks to Peabody dad and photographer, Brandon Dill, for capturing the big smiles along the way. Another fantastic Bike to School Day.

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Catch the next one in February:

Until then, get inspired to hop on your bike with this Revolutions Bike Train playlist!…/…/playlist/5ZADoh1XJsQeKlvQAWyToB