Peabody Elementary Shares Love in a “GRAND” Way

Ronnie Freeman Jr. enjoying lunch with his grandmother,                                                                                            Mrs. Bobbie Patterson

Ronnie Freeman Jr. enjoying lunch with his grandmother, Mrs. Bobbie Patterson

By Dierdre Jones/Peabody Faculty

If you ask the students at Peabody Elementary about their greatest love, you are likely to hear them say, “My grandparents.”   Over a three day span the overwhelming visibility of grandparents was proof positive. More than 150 grandparents filled Peabody Elementary’s cafetorium to capacity. The special occasion, was our annual Grandparent’s Day Luncheon.

As each guest arrived they were welcomed with a visitor’s badge and a sweet treat by the school secretary, Mrs. Wilkes.   With all of the preliminaries out of the way, our special guests were then directed to the cafetorium to meet their grandchildren.

It was a heartwarming experience to watch the expressions of the students and grandparents as they caught each other’s eye upon entering the cafetorium. The grandparents were happy to be there and the smile on the students’ faces showed that the feeling was mutual.

According to Alison Webb’s grandfather, Mr. Alvin Ferguson, he has attended the Grandparent’s Luncheon for six years and has enjoyed it every year.  He not only enjoys eating with Alison but also seeing and talking to the teachers and staff.

Fourth grade student, Lauren Dunnam, was all smiles as she sat between her great grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz.  Her face is always aglow when she speaks of her weekly visits with them.  These are memories that Lauren will cherish forever.

Grandparent’s Day is “Grand” at Peabody Elementary School because our students appreciate and celebrate one of their greatest loves – Grandparents!

I would be remiss not to mention one of my greatest loves, my 94 year old Granny Annie Lou Johnson, to whom this article is dedicated.   There would be no me without you.

Peabody Garden Volunteer Day for ‘Tour de Coop’

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 8.43.56 PM

Our very own school garden will be one of the stops on the first annual “Tour de Coop,” a bicycle tour of chicken coops, gardens, and beehives in Midtown Memphis.

(The tour is a fundraiser for GrowMemphis, the organization that provided the original grant to fund our garden.)

The event takes place on Saturday, October 12, from 8:30-12:30.

We need volunteers to be present to meet cyclists, show off the garden beds, and talk about our amazing school garden. (I will give you talking points!)

Your shift can be for as little as 30 minutes or longer if you like.  Parents, teachers, and students all welcome!

For questions, email Emily at To sign up, please click here:

And if you’d like to register for the Tour de Coop itself (kids are welcome!), please visit this link!


Join the Peabody PTA!

Playground sunshades, Accelerated Reader and library improvements!

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.44.39 PMPTA membership and fundraising made these things happen and brings you into a circle of parents and guardians who make Peabody… even better!

We are working to get as many Peabody PTA members as possible by this Friday!

Membership for the year is $5.00 for a single parent family and $10 for two parent family.

Here are two ways to sign up:

1.  Fill out this form online.  Then put your dues in a sealed envelope marked “Peabody PTA Dues.”  Write your name, teacher’s name and child’s name on the envelope. Put the envelope in the silver PTA mailbox located under the counter in the front office!

2.  Or, if you don’t want to fill it out online, just download this form and print it out.  Put this form and the dues in a sealed envelope marked “Peabody PTA Dues.” Put in the PTA mailbox located in the front office!

Download the PTA Peabody Form

Wanted: AR Coaches!

tutoringInterested in helping Peabody students become better readers? Have a little time to offer now and then? Sounds like you’d make a perfect AR Coach!

What is AR? Accelerated Reader is an online reading improvement initiative funded by the Peabody PTA and supported by the Peabody faculty. Students read books, then take quizzes on them to assess comprehension, and earn points toward prizes and recognition! Lots more info about AR at Peabody is here.

AR Coach Role: Your main task will be to read with students and help them through the process of taking a quiz online (instructions on how to pull up quizzes will be available in each classroom). The teacher will pair you with the student(s) she needs you to work with that day.

Sign Up: Please click on our Volunteer Spot page to view all of the open volunteer times. You can sign up for as many spots as you like, whenever your schedule allows. Some of the windows of time are long, but please know you are not committing to staying for the entire block of time — this is just the window that the teacher could use your help. We would ask that you plan on staying for at least 20-30 minutes.

IMPORTANT: You must be a Level II or Level III approved volunteer before serving as an AR Coach. If you were Level II or Level III approved last school year (2012-13), then are this year as well. If you’re not sure, please call or visit the school office and ask them to check the volunteer list for your name. Info on the Volunteer Approval process is here.

Feedback: This is a bit of an experiment in mobilizing classroom volunteers at Peabody, so please feel free to email any comments or questions about how it’s going!


Interested in making a more regular commitment? Consider being a STAR Tutor.