Sign Up to ‘Lunch with Your Peabody Eagle’ and Help Foster a Happy Lunchroom!


December is Cafeteria Etiquette month at Peabody!  In an effort to bring about a positive environment in the school cafeteria during lunch time, the Positive Behavior Incentive System team has suggested a few new changes that will foster a happy lunchroom!  

Our hope is to see a decrease in behavior problems at lunch and that all children will experience a nice social break from their intense learning day.

One way we will do that is by inviting YOU to join your child’s class for ONE day during the first two weeks of December.  Principal Jones believes that if every class has ONE parent eating with them and reminding them of cafeteria etiquette, all classes will have better experiences. 

Please sign up to eat with your child’s class one day this month. 

Location: Peabody Cafeteria

It’s easy.  Just sign up here!

If you have any questions – contact Mandy Grisham



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