Sign up for Peabody Chess Club!


Get ready for your child to beat you at the king of boardgames – chess!

Club meets in the Peabody library on Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m. under the direction of Anthony Albonetti, assistant recreation director at Idlewild Presbyterian Church.

Fee: $20 for supplies (one-time fee)

To register, pick up a form on the table inside the front door of the school, fill it out, and return it, along with your $20 to Mrs. Willia Smith in Room 204.


Peabody PTA Leader Lunches at the White House!

We all know she’s got leadership skills, but in early December… PTA co-president Mandy Grisham had her eye on the Whitehouse!

Mandy was invited by the US Department of Education to attend a reception and private tour of the White House. Mandy is the 2011 Tennessee representative for Parenting Magazine’s Mom Congress.  City Leadership sponsored her trip.


Mandy with fellow Mom Congress delegates and organizers

“My time with the other delegates was inspiring.  It’s amazing to hear what they are doing in their own states to support education.”

In January, Mandy will return to DC to meet with the Department of Education and other Mom Congress delegates to discuss ways the government can improve communication with parents regarding Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).  

She will also meet with school nutrition experts, as well as Kaboom! to thank them for their support of Peabody!



Your Child’s Old Books Can Make Another Child’s Life Better

Peabody Elementary is joining one of the fastest growing grassroots organizations to promote early literacy among children.  It’s called Books Make it Better.


Here’s how it works. You bring in your child’s gently used books to our dropbox at Peabody Elementary.  Our PTA collects those books and they are distributed to children who do not have access to children’s books.  

Why Books Make it Better was started:
  • 2/3 of children living in poverty don’t have a single book at home
  • The ratio of children to books in low income neighborhoods is 300 to 1
  • Children read to during the first years of life are more likely to read on schedule

Drop-off gently used children’s books in the box labeled Books Make it Better.  

Boxes located under PTA bulletin boards near the front office and in the cafeteria! 

Deadline to participate: December 16th

Books Make it Better is a program started by Mom Congress, a yearly gathering of engaged mothers chosen to represent each state in the U.S. If you want to learn more about Mom Congress click here or ask our own Peabody PTA co-president Mandy Grisham, Tennessee’s 2011 Mom Congress delegate.