Have you always dreamed of being a STAR? Join our new tutoring program!


Have you always dreamed of being a star? Peabody’s new STAR tutoring program will give you just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for!
Super Tutors Achieving Results (STAR) will work with Peabody’s “Rising Stars” (2nd and 3rd graders who are currently reading below proficiency level) to put them on a path to success. We’re looking for parents and other community members who are willing to commit to these great kids as they work hard to improve their reading skills.

Click here for more details on the program.

Tutoring times are Monday through Friday, 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., and we ask each volunteer to commit to an hour a week, or to form a tutoring team and share a one-hour time slot with friends.

Training will be done in the evening at Peabody, times to be determined. Volunteers must be fingerprinted at the main Memphis City Schools offices.

Ready to sign up? Click here to start your journey to stardom!

Have other questions? Email Ginger Spickler, the Peabody PTA’s VP of Academic Advocacy and Innovation.


Kindergarten Ice Cream Social – Sweet Success

A gymnasium full of newly-minted Kindergarteners and their families received a cool reception to Peabody… the sugary, yummy kind, that is:) 


Peabody Elementary Adopters, Neighborhood Church, provided the ice cream and the entertainment – balloons, face painting, and music!  


This was the 2nd annual Kindergarten Ice Cream Social.  It was introduced last year to help ease kids and their families into a new school and new friends. Looks like it worked again! 


This year, the Ice Cream Social welcomed some of the students from the largest Kindergarten class Peabody has had in three years.  According to Principal Kongsouly Jones, 75 Kindergarteners enrolled in the school this year – that’s 15 more than last year.  In fact, so many students enrolled that Principal Jones is hiring a fourth Kindergarten teacher!  Looks like more and more people are finding out about our great school.  


Welcome to our 2011 Kindergarteners and their families!

Be a Peabody Hero – Help Guide the PTA

Work, family… life.  Heck, we all have so much on our plates.  Why not add one more thing?


Photo: Creative Commons

The Peabody PTA – there is no better way to make a direct impact on your child’s education.  

We have one dynamic PTA, and the best part is – no matter your talent – there’s a place for you.  


Peabody Open Elections

When: Sat, Aug. 20th @ 9 am

Where: Peabody Elementary gymnasium

Interested in running?  E-mail mandygrisham@gmail.com.  

Ballots will be printed in advance but will be opened for nominations the day of elections as well.

Here are the positions and requirements:
Requirements:  The Executive Board (all elected positions) will meet five times a year at 6 pm: 9/22, 11/10, 1/26, 3/22, 5/10.  The general membership will meet five times a year at 6 pm:  8/25, 10/27, 12/15, 2/23, 4/26.

President:  Will be the overseer of the teams below and will be the point person for questions regarding issues.  This individual will be the liaison with the Peabody administration and the MCS school board.The president will network with other PTA’s and parent groups around Memphis to share best practices and will attend regional PTA meetings.

First Vice President of Academic Innovation:  Chairperson of the team that will know and understand the academic standards and be aware of any changes happening.  This team will be advocates for children and parents regarding academic issues with Peabody’s administration and the MCS Board.

Second Vice President of Staff Support:  Chairperson of the team that will be responsible for Room Parent recruitment, teacher appreciation, teacher surveys, teacher wish list book, and will have a volunteer coordinator who helps direct volunteers to the needs of the school.  This team will also organize work days or beautification projects as they are needed.

Third Vice President of Parent and Community Engagement:  Chairperson of the team that will be over marketing and public relations for the school.  Any swag that is sold will be determined by this group.  This team will also be over any communications that go home through newsletters, facebook, or the website.  They will also recruit new adopters for the school, and communicate appreciation to the current adopters.  This team will also be over community building such as movie nights, donuts with dad, muffins with mom, Light the Way party during CY festival.  They will also be in charge of keeping the parent bulletin boards updated.

Fourth Vice President of Fundraising: Chairperson of the team that will organize the Silent Auction, Cookie Dough fundraiser, Chili Cook-Off, and Chick-fil-A, Central BBQ, and Ching’s Wings Nights.

Secretary:  Attend every executive board and general membership meeting.  Take notes from each meeting and report notes at general meetings.

Treasurer:  Make deposits to bank from membership dues and every fundraiser.  Pay all vendors and reimbursements.  Create and follow budget.  Reconcile account each month.  Have a CPA Audit books each year.  Give treasurer’s report at every exec. board and general membership meeting.

Membership:  Recruit PTA members and direct members to volunteering on PTA teams.  Organize a competition and prizes for recruitment.

Bylaws:  One year position (every 5 years) to rewrite the PTA bylaws for the Peabody unit.

Grantwriter:  Be available to write grants for Peabody as needed.

Teacher Liaison:  A Peabody teacher who is on the executive board to represent the needs of the teachers and staff and communicate to teachers as needed.

Parliamentarian: Follows and enforces Robert’s Rules of Order


2nd Annual Kindergarten Ice Cream Social

Kindergarteners and parents – this night is just for you!  


Help your child (and yourself) ease into your first year @ Peabody Elementary.  This is a fun night for your kids to just run around and have fun with new classmates.  

It’s also a great way for parents to get to know each other.  This is an event that all the big kids (and their parents!) wish they could attend, too.  But this is strictly for the Kindergartners!

When:  Thursday, August 11th

            6 p.m.

Where: The gymnasium of Peabody Elementary


Special thanks to Neighborhood Church for sponsoring this event.  


Neighborhood Church is one of Peabody’s very special school adopters.  Thanks!!!